How This Site Earns Money

Woolly Pocket Living Wall Vertical Planter in White
Woolly Pocket Living Wall Vertical Planter in White

It takes a lot of time and money to create Vertical Gardening School, and website owners need ways to defray the costs of their work.

There are many ways for websites to make money, and the two most popular are traditional advertising and affiliate marketing.

Traditional banner ads are popular, but also annoying and ugly. So I don’t use them.

Instead of placing traditional ads on this site, I participate in several affiliate marketing programs with different online retailers.

What are affiliate marketing programs?
Affiliate marketing programs are advertising programs operated by online retailers that allow website owners to earn a small commission if readers choose to buy recommended products. Affiliate marketing programs are fueled by links to online retailer websites. The link under the photo at the top of this page is an example of an affiliate link.

In real-world terms, how do affiliate marketing programs work?
If you buy one of the products I recommend, I earn a small percentage from the retailer as a “finder’s fee.”

But if you buy something I recommend and then return it because you don’t like it, I make nothing. So I think that’s a pretty fair system.

Vertical Gardening School participates in the Amazon Associates Program
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